Basketball has given numerous notable players a chance in life that they may not have otherwise had. The Zone’s mission & vision, combined with your belief & support, we can not only help our kids to be better, but we can facilitate their growth and help them achieve optimal success through the sport they love.


Sports is more than a game, it teaches life. With this philosophy in mind, The Zone, LLC, a startup sports company, aims to equip youth athletes with the necessary tools to succeed in sports and ultimately, in life. Our brand narrative focuses on valuing your power, diversity, and empowering others to that you’re more than an athlete. Through skill development; sports performance and personal skills enhancement; workshops and conferences; as well as partnerships with established influencers in the sports field such as sports companies and influencers that match what we stand for, The Zone will provide a full-service experience for the youth.




Coach Ivan Tchatchouwo

Ivan Tchatchouwo, founder, president and CEO of The Zone Sports, was born in Cameroon, Africa and came to the states at the age of 7, after which he was raised in the Bronx, New York.He attended and played high school basketball at All Hallows High School and then received a scholarship to play at Concordia College where he was a two-time captain. As captain, he helped lead Concordia to its first conference tournament in CACC. Ivan received his degree in biology and then went on to be a sports performance director at Prime Performance and Development in Larchmont, NY. He also coached at Iona Prep Grammar School for two years and was the JV Coach for Iona Prep High School this previous years. Ivan has been running camps and clinics for the past three years before starting The Zone, LLC to make a bigger impact in the community and influence future generations to come. Ivan is set to attend Columbia University this Fall, where he will attain his Master’s Degree in Applied Physiology/Biomechanics, while also completing Sports Management courses; further gaining experience, knowledge, and skills to help the masses.

Coach Jahrod Lide

Coach Lide attended All Hallows High School where he played for four years. Coach Lide then went on to study & earn his Bachelors in Behavioral Science while playing basketball for four years at Concordia College.

What may have seemed like an easy journey, was anything but. At All Hallows High School, Coach Lide quickly realized that he was in the middle of an academically competitive school where politics dominated the game. He continuously took the back seat and watched players who were ‘more connected’ play. He gained a different perspective as the team lost more games than they won. It taught him to stay hungry, stay coach-able, stay competitive, and do well academically. This allowed him to connect with players on & off the court. His efforts didn’t go un-noticed as Coach Lide managed to win the ‘Hardest Worker’ award four years straight.

At Concordia College, with no scholarship, and no help, Coach Lide managed to make the team as a ‘walk on’. In the midst of another politically challenging atmosphere, he gained perspective that those around him who constantly looking for approval, failed to gain. Coach Lide found himself in the midst of the top players in the Tri-State area, and instead of throwing in the towel, he let it fuel him. He became a quick study, and even hungrier to succeed. Thus, he gained a perspective of the game not many attain.

Not getting what he wanted from the game, led him to his calling; coaching. He found that passing on this knowledge & perspective to others, to be rewarding and something he was missing. He could help prepare athletes to face adversity, while teaching them how to play the game.

During the summers Coach Lide helps run the MakeAPlay Organization while running the Chelsea Piers Basketball Camp. Coach Lide works with inner-city kids, and kids from all backgrounds who all love basketball. His experience combined a Degree in Behavioral Science has given Coach Lide the knowledge, skills, and abilities to understand, communicate, and instruct each athlete, and allows him to see athlete’s attitude toward the game and others, to help them succeed.

Coach Cedrick McFadden

Hailing from Washington, D.C., Cedrick Mcfadden brings years of basketball experience and leadership experience to The Zone. He attended St. Andrews Episcopal High School in Maryland, facing some of the best talent in the DMV area and country, and received First Team All- Conference awards every year. He also holds the school’s All Time leader in Assist record. A recent graduate of Concordia College New York, where he served as team starter, leader, and captain, and led the CACC Conference in both assist and assist-to-turnover ratio for 2 years, Cedrick aims to teach and show others how to be the best they can be at basketball and get the most out of the game. More importantly, he aims to pass along the life lessons that he’s learned from playing basketball to the youth and inspire them to “use basketball to take you places you dream about going.”
This year, Cedrick will further his education by receiving his Masters degree and build upon his impressive basketball experience by playing his final year of collegiate basketball.